BRC Support for Research Activities

Call for Belarusian research and analytical centers to use infographics for research presentation

Belarusian Research Council together with and EESC, and with the support of Pact announces the possibility for Belarusian research and analytical centers to receive free services in terms of visualization and presentation of their researches enriched with the infographics.

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. This call for support is for Belarusian research and analytical centres motivated to use infographics as an additional tool for communication and better visual presentation. For more information please read here in Belarusian and Russian. To apply for support please email at


Call for policy-oriented original research

In December 2014, BRC announced call for research proposals, aiming at collecting concept papers for policy-oriented original research that focuses primarily on actionable policy recommendations as the following:

Background: 1) a clear description of a current policy the applicants want to change, 2) identification of the shortfalls of the current policy (analysis); 3) specific recommendations designed to improve the shortfalls (status quo).

Solutions that are: 1) practical (policies, legislation, etc.); 2) cost-effective (including cost benefit calculations); 3) socially acceptable and executable (based on stakeholder-related research, engagement with and feedback from stakeholders and/or public opinion polling); 4) time bound (policy recommendations should explain how much time it may require to implement the recommendations, based on Belarusian legislative/decision-making system).

BRC also encouraged potential applicants to prepare research projects aiming at including Belarus into such global surveys bringing Belarus into key global surveys, which still lack data on Belarus, such as the European Social Survey, OECD Better Life Index or the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report. The call was open for Belarusian think tanks and NGOs which intended to conduct their policy-oriented original research in Belarus.

In one months, BRC received more than 20 concept papers. Sectoral distribution of the received project ideas may be represented as follows: Public administration – 35%, Economy – 15%, Social policy – 15%, International relations – 10%, Community development – 10%, Urban studies – 10%, National identity – 5%.

After two assessment stages, the BRC evaluation board proposed the support for 6 research ideas. The results of the supported researches will be publicly presented during the 6th BRC coordination meeting in autumn 2015.

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