We are looking for a person for a short-term consultancy assignment!

Terms of Reference

for a short-term consultancy assignment: Providing support to the local team of experts in elaboration material and conducting workshops aiming at enhancing of citizen participation in budgetary processes at local level in the Republic of Moldova

1. Background
Independent Analytical Center “Expert-Grup”, as lead partner, in consortium with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung e.V. (KAS, Germany), Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC, Lithuania) and Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE, Republic of Moldova) is implementing since February 2019 the EU-co-funded grant project “Inform, Empower, Act. Civil Society for good budgetary governance in Republic of Moldova”.
The general objective of the project is to enhance civil society contribution to higher transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of budgetary formation and execution at the local level through participation and oversight.
Specific objectives:
1. To increase the level of information, awareness and motivation among the population and civil society at the local level about the budgetary process: importance of analyzing the local budgets, discussing spending priorities, monitoring the budgetary execution, with emphasis on procurements for large investment projects;
2. To empower the population and civil society at the local level with appropriate knowledge, tools and frameworks to take a more active role in consultations, contribution and oversight of the local public policies and budgets;
3. To enhance the involvement of the population and civil society in public policy development, budgetary process, monitoring and oversight activities of the public spending.

The main activities of the project are:
• Creating the local coalitions, (25 local coalitions in 5 regions of the Republic of Moldova);
• Developing tools for participatory budgeting;
• Capacity building of 5 local implementing partners/local coalition leaders on participatory budgeting.

Target groups and final beneficiaries of the project: The main target group of the project are CSOs and civic activists at the local level. In particular the project is targeting members of local coalitions from 25 LPAs, created and led by 5 regional CSOs acting as key local implementing partners in North, Centre, South, Gagauzia and Transnistria regions (on average, 5 municipalities (urban/rural) per implementing partner). It is estimated that each local coalition will include around 30 members (CSOs and local activists, as well as representatives of LPAs), making it a total of 750 persons as primary beneficiaries of the project. The entire population of localities where the project will be implemented accounts to 400 – 500 thousand people. The size of small towns that the project is targeting is 10.000-35.000 inhabitants. A number of rural municipalities with a population of more than 3.000 inhabitants will be included into the project, too. The project is not covering the capital city of Chisinau.

2. Objective of the assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to provide a review of material prepared by the local team of experts on the subject „How to ensure a high level of participation in the budgetary process in the Local Public Administrations” and together with the local team to elaborate the agenda of the workshops and to participate in 5 workshops in Chisinau.

3. Key tasks and activities
The consultant will be assigned the following tasks and activities:

a) Review the material prepared by the local team of experts on the subject „How to ensure a high level of participation in budgetary process in the Local Public Administrations” and give a feedbacks on them. The purpose of the review is to provide comments and recommendations for the local experts in order to ensure a better correspondence of elaborated materials with best practices in this area. The material will cover tentatively the following topics: Monitoring the budgetary process at the local level, budget analysis, human rights sensitive budgeting with a focus on gender-based budgeting, territorial approach to local development through the budgetary process, implementing the concept of ”Citizen Budget”, inclusive budgetary process, participatory budgeting, public procurement.;
b) Identify 5 topics for 5 two days workshops (one topic per workshop) and prepare the agenda for workshops together with local consultants, based on the elaborated materials, and taking into consideration the project application;
c) Participate in all 5 workshops (2 days each) and directly consult participants on subjects related to the workshop’s topics. The participants in the workshops will be the local team of consultants and representatives from regional partners (20 persons). The workshops will be conducted by local experts with general support and guidance from the international consultant.

4. Deliverables
The Consultant will provide:

1. Reviewed materials prepared by the team of local experts with appropriate comments and recommendations;
2. The list of topics for 5 workshops (2 days each) and draft agenda for each workshop;
3. Participation in 5 workshops (2 days each) in Moldova.

5. Timeline and workscope
The main consultancy services are expected to be provided in the period of 20th October – 15th December 2019. Estimated deadline for deliverables are:
• for deliverables, points 1: 2 – 15 November 2019;
• for point 3 (conducting workshops) in the period November 2019 – 15th December 2019;
The overall workload is estimated up to 30 consultancy days.

6. Institutional arrangement
The consultant will work mainly from home (online), except on the days when workshops will be conducted. The consultant will work under the Expert Grup’s Project Manager’s supervision and in close cooperation with KAS senior advisor. The workshops will be organized by Expert-Grup in Chisinau.

7. Qualifications of the consultant
Advanced University Degree in the field of public administration, public finance, or related fields

• Relevant experience within similar assignments;
• Solid knowledge of public management and citizen involvement;
• Experience of working in international projects related to technical assistance of local authorities;
• Experience in conducting trainings.

Competencies and skills
• Proven capacity of analytical thinking and creative problem solving;
• Excellent communications skills in a complex international multi-stakeholder environment;
• Flexibility and responsiveness with a client-oriented approach;
• Good knowledge of English, oral and writing.


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