Belarus Research Council's Discussion "What do Belarus Businesses Think?"

On January 31, the EESC together with the Belarus Research Council (BRC) organized a fourth event in the series "What do Belarusians Think?" This time the discussion "What do Belarus Businesses Think?" sought to analyze the business situation in Belarus.

Director of the Research Centre of the Institute of Privatization and Management Alexander Chubrik presented the research “Competitiveness of Regions in Belarus: General Review”, which analyses the integrated indicators of competitiveness of the regions in Belarus. Among the questions that were discussed during the presentation was the development of competitiveness and Belarus. Main obstacles, not allowing Belarus business to reach high levels of cempetitiveness were also examined.

Other experts were also invited to provide their insight on the topic during the discussion. Siarhei Nikaliuk (Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, IISEPS) analyzed the changes in Belarusian public opinion towards private business and private property. Vadim Sehovich (Belarusian news portal Ezhednevnik) talked about the Belarusian business in Eastern European context and achievements and goals of Belarusian businessmen. Anastasiya Khamenkova (Business Communication Centre Bel.Biz) examined possible scenarios for the future of Belarusian business and shifts in the attitudes of the new generation of Belarusian businessmen.

The discussion was moderated by journalist Mariya Sadouskaya-Komlach.

Live streaming of the discussion was provided on the websites of the European Radio for Belarus (euroradio.by), Belarus Digest (belarusdigest.com), Belarusian Institute for Strategic Stadies (belinstitute.eu), and Delfi.ru (ru.delfi.lt). An active discussion was further sparked by questions and comments from the users of „Twitter“.

The edited video of the event (in Russian) is available below.


Discussion series "What do Belarusians Think?" gathers the most distinguished researchers from Belarus and provide a platform to present the results of their latest research to stakeholders and the general public.