Monthly Digest on Ukraine PRISM.UA

In the fourth issue of “Prism.UA” we are pleased to present the analysis by Sergiy Gerasymchuk from Strategic and Security Studies Group. The author provides an overview of the general approaches of the stakeholders in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and broader – regional and even global – conclusions concerning Russia’s aspirations. The author argues that “the crisis in Ukraine” is only a small part of the geopolitical puzzle that Russia is playing in global affairs.

In the second article, Nadiia Koyal of the National Institute for Strategic Studies argues that the EU is over-economising the sanction policy ignoring its security impact. In her opinion, sanctions are the “lowest common denominator” and “the only action that can be agreed by all EU members without the risk of overt warfare against Russia”. Economic cooperation with Russia is unavoidable however the author concludes that the West needs to develop a new paradigm for the mutual cooperation.


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