EESC presents monography on Russia's foreign policy

Eastern Europe Studies Centre presents a monography "Scenarios of Russia's Development: Implications for the Lithuanian and Regional Security", which is an outcome of a research funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.

This monograph is an attempt to provide detailed answers to the fundamental questions related to the security of Lithuania (and at the same time of the Baltic States): what is the impact of Russia’s domestic policies on its foreign policy? What key external and internal factors determine Russia’s priorities in foreign policy and security? On what ideologies does the Kremlin ground its actions in the international arena? What roles in Russia’s strategy for the Baltic States are played by hyper-militarized Kaliningrad Oblast and Belarus, which is closely integrated in the military area? What are the possible scenarios of Russia’s policy concerning the Baltic States? 

Also, the book presents possible scenarios of Russia’s foreign policy, the models of Russia – Lithuania relations, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to distinguish the most and least likely course of development of those relations.

The reserch was conducted by analysts of Eastern Europe Studies Centre, including scholars from the Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences of Vilnius University. 

The full text is available for download HERE.