EESC presented monograph “Scenarios of Russia's Development” in Vilnius Book Fair

On February 23 analysts of Eastern European Studies Centre (EESC) alongside with researchers from Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences (IIRPS) in the 18-th annual Vilnius book fair presented monograph “Scenarios of Russia's Development: Implications for the Lithuanian and Regional Security”, which was released in the end of 2016. Monograph was presented and discussed by 4 of its authors: director of EESC Linas Kojala, EESC analyst Vytautas Keršanskas, IIRPS professor Tomas Janeliūnas and IIRPS associate professor Laurynas Jonavičius.

Linas Kojala presented process of preparation, main ideas and aims of the book and discussed its relevance today. Vytautas Keršanskas presented monograph’s section about Kaliningrad district, discussed its political issues, what role it plays in Russia’s foreign policy, what challenges it poses for regional security and how this district impacts on Russia’s relations with neighbour NATO states. Laurynas Jonavičius presented his section of monograph about how Russia’s domestic social, economic and political factors shapes its foreign policy and forms specific behaviour in international arena. Tomas Janeliūnas presented monograph’s section concerning Russia’s foreign policy future scenarios. After the presentation audience had an opportunity to ask the authors questions.

Beside those authors mentioned above, Vilius Ivanauskas, Laurynas Kasčiūnas and Gražvydas Jasutis contributed significantly in preparing the monograph. The research ant the publication was financed by Research Council of Lithuania.