Linas Kojala 

L. Kojala was named Director of Eastern Europe studies center in 2016. He was also a Fulbright Fellow at Davis Center, Harvard University (2017-2018), where he continues to work as a non-resident expert. L. Kojala is also a columnist and a regular political commentator at Lithuanian TV and radio, as well as international outlets (contributions to Moscow Times, CNN and others).

L. Kojala is also a PhD student at International Relations and Political Science Institute, Vilnius University. His research interests include foreign affairs, foregn relations of Russia and United States of America, European integration, security and NATO studies, information security. His book on Lithuania's accession to the European Union and current security challenges of Europe was among top-selling books in Lithuania in 2019. In 2019, he was voted third most influential Lithuanian public figure in a poll by a national media outlet DELFI.

Dovilė Šukytė
Policy Analyst, Policy Analysis and Research Division
Prior to EESC, Dovilė Šukytė served as a Research Fellow in Washington, DC based think-tank Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Šukytė scholarly interests include the processes of democratization in Central and Eastern European states and the Caucasus, also the European integration of the Western Balkans.






Vytautas Keršanskas
Deputy Director
Policy Analyst, Policy Analysis and Research Division (on leave)

V. Keršanskas works at EESC since 2013, he is also an associate of Lithuanian national radio LRT. Prior to EESC V. Keršanskas worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, he was also a foreign policy observer at the weekly journal “Veidas”. V. Keršanskas holds BA and MA from IIRPS VU. His scholarly interests include foreign and security policy of Lithuania and Eastern Europe, information wars and propaganda, the development and European integration of the Eastern Partnership countries, domestic and foreign policy of Russia. 


Rima Sakalauskaite
Financial Officer


Contract employees 

        Simonas Klimanskis
Research Fellow




Šarūnas Legatas

Project Assistant 






Andrius Prochorenko
Project Assistant