Discussion “Ukraine in the European Union – mission impossible?”

Mar 27, 2009 | 2009, Events, News

Discussion “Ukraine in the European Union – mission impossible?” that took place on March 26th at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre was an opening of a common initiative commenced by the Eastern Europe Studies Centre and Centre for Eastern Geopolitical Studies. The aim of this initiative is to provide information to everyone interested in important Lithuanian foreign policy issues, to enhance public knowledge and include civil society into the foreign policy formation.

Discussion on Ukraine, which is one of the biggest countries figuring in the priorities of Lithuanian foreign policy, gathered the formers of foreign policy, experts and journalists. The participants tried to find the answers to the questions what foreign policy Lithuania and EU have to pursue towards Ukraine. The factors influencing Ukrainian integration with the EU as well as internal situation in Ukraine have been discussed. The priorities and goals of Ukrainian foreign policy have not been left out of the consideration.

The follow up of the discussion – debates on political situation in Belarus – is planned to take place in May.

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