Belarusian youth studying abroad for the third time gathers in Lithuania

May 28, 2009 | 2009, News

The aim of the rallies is to unite Belarusian youth dispersed around the world into a viable communication and cooperation network, to encourage their civic consciousness and activity. The informal network of Belarusian students around the world gives the members a possibility to gain knowledge, share experience and ideas. It also facilitates the participants of the project to cooperate in organizing local or joint cross border activities.

The geographical boundaries of the informal community expand every year. 45 participants from 9 European countries and the USA attended the USB Rally 2009. Human rights issues and civil actions have been chosen as a topic of the event. Therefore, all activities of the event were thematically coherent, from the master classes on writing, communication and advocacy skills and discussions to the traditional game brainfight where Belarusian participants tested their knowledge about human rights issues around the world against their Lithuanian counterparts.

The organizers suppose that knowledge gained by the participants during the USB Rally 2009 will facilitate their function as Belarus image makers and informal ‘ambassadors’ of Belarus abroad as well as help them in representing their motherland in countries they are studying. See articles about the USB Rally 2009:

“Ралі для беларусаў свету”

“Калі б мне ў Беларусі такія ўмовы, як у Еўропе…”

 “Кожны чацвёрты беларускі студэнт, які вучыцца за мяжой, плануе вярнуцца на радзіму”

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