May 15, 2012 | 2012, Publications, The Eastern Pulse

2012 Elections in Ukraine. Dr. Vilius Ivanauskas, Dovilė Šukytė, Rytė Kukulskytė, Indrė Pusevaitė. The Eastern Pulse No. 6 (45)  LT
Vladimir Peftiev against Lithuanian State. Vytis Jurkonis. The Eastern Pulse No. 5 (44)  LT
The “Reset” Perspective in Russia? Competing Lines of Reformism in the System of Putin. Vilius Ivanauskas. The Eastern Pulse No. 3 (42)   LT
Lithuania and Poland: Lost in Translation. Wojciech Borodzicz-Smolinski, Vytis Jurkonis. The Eastern Pulse No. 2 (41)  EN
Avoiding Becoming Hostages of Smolensk Tragedy: Factors of Good Lithuanian – Polish Relations.  The Eastern Pulse No. 1 (40)  LT

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