Development Cooperation in the Nordic and the Baltic Countries: NGO-to-NGO Training and Networking

May 28, 2012 | 2012, Events, News

On 12 – 14 January 2012, the second training course of the Baltic-Nordic NGO capacity building programme was implemented in Vilnius, Lithuania. The programme entitled “Development Cooperation in the Nordic and the Baltic Countries: NGO-to-NGO Training and Networking”, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania and the Association of the Local Authorities in Lithuania, aimed at strengthening Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish NGOs working in the field of development cooperation. The second training focused on the relationship between the environment and the development cooperation, learning practical tools how to assess the environmental impacts on the projects and vice versa. Read more…

1) Environmental Rights = Human Rights?  2) How to include ‘green’ planning into your development project – from idea to implementation? 3) How to measure the ‘greenness’ of your project and the added value of this? 4) How (and/or why) to increase collaboration between green and development NGOs? 5) What are the environmental daily practises our work could be improved with?

The first training focusing on sustainable development was implemented on 27- 28 October, 2011.


– Final Programme of the Training

– Final List of Participants   –

 Notes from the training

Fact Sheets on Development Cooperation in the Baltic-Nordic Countries:

– Finland 

– Sweden 

– Latvia 

– Lithuania 

– Keynote Address by Rilli Lappalainen, Secretary General, Kehys – Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU

– Latvian success case study “Development assistance to Iraq: environmental management” by Reinis Aboltins, Researcher, Energy policy, Strategic development of the Baltic Sea region, EU-Russia relations 

– Environmental policy presentation for more ideas on “green office” 

– Nordic Council of Ministers Support to NGO cooperation by Vida Gintautaite, Adviser for Social and Environmental Issues and NGO Cooperation, The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania

– Food for thought: green economy

– Food for thought: Sustainable Development Goals

– “Zero draft outcome document”

– “Green office”  by Taina Hanhikoski, Assistant, Kehys- Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU

– Environmeter Kepa

– Baltic-Mediterranean dialogue: building civil society across the regions

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