Dmitry Rogozin’s Clan: Visionaries and Executors behind Aggression towards Ukraine

Aug 20, 2014 | 2014, News

EESC in co-operation with the news portal DELFI continues analytical project “Putin’s Russia” and presents second analysis “Dmitry Rogozin’s Clan: Visionaries and Executors behind Aggression towards Ukraine” by Marius Laurinavičius. The project is devoted to the analysis of the Putin’s system of rule, including Putin’s closest associates and their influence to the regime.

While the previous analysis “Vladimir Putin’s Pyramid of Rule: Who Really Governs Russia?” has aimed to introduce the existing structure of the Russian government, the current one offers thorough analysis of influence and power of Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin.
According to the author, starting article series from deputy prime minister Rogozin is a natural choice because, based on a number of facts, this extremely influential power player can reasonably be titled the main visionary and executor behind aggression towards Ukraine.

Rogozin’s official title is a really influential one. He is the deputy prime minister in charge of the military industrial complex, nuclear power, shipbuilding, aviation and radio electronics industry, even of the border policy. Last summer, he was assigned to oversee a number of state programs related to force structures, so some even started calling him the curator of all the force structures in Russia.

Moreover, Rogozin is the leader of the so-called informal “Izborsk Club” which helped unite a big part of influential Russian nationalists. The Izborsk Club has provided the ideological basis for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine with their manifesto “Saving Ukraine”, published on 13 February this year (more than a week before the revolution victory in Kiev).

The analysis “Dmitry Rogozin’s Clan: Visionaries and Executors behind Aggression towards Ukraine” is access free and can be read in LithuanianEnglish and Russian.

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