Aggression in Ukraine: What Consequences Await Its Architects?

Aug 28, 2014 | 2014, News

EESC in co-operation with the news portal DELFI continues analytical project “Putin’s Russia” and presents third analysis “Agression in Ukraine: What Consequences Await Its Architects?” by Marius Laurinavičius. The project is devoted to the analysis of the Putin’s system of rule, including Putin’s closest associates and their influence to the regime.

In the analytical article the author explains why there is enough evidence to call Rogozins clan responsible for starting agression in Ukraine and why Putin‘s position started to change, while Dmitrij Rogozins comrades were fighting in Donbass, and he recognised the newly elected president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, called separatist not to hold a referendum on the status of the region and did not (unlike the Crimea) recognize its results.

Author predicts that in the future it can be expected for Putin to weaken Rogozin‘s clan, to which belongs most of the „Izborsk club“ members, especially having in mind that the competing clans will undoubtedly strive for that. However, even the very influential Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu fails to cut off a piece of cake on Rogozin’s account.

Read full analysis “Agression in Ukraine: What Consequences Await Its Architects?” in LithuanianEnglish and Russian.

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