Primakov Clan’s Trap for the West or a Little About Putin’s Peace Roadmap

Sep 17, 2014 | 2014, News

EESC together with the news portal DELFI presents the fourth analytical article under the project „Vladimir Putin‘s Russia“. In the article „Primakov Clan’s Trap for the West or a Little About Putin’s Peace Roadmap” EESC Senior Analyst Marius Laurinavičius tracks the course of events in Ukraine and looks for members of the existing Russian clans who oppose the ongoing aggression in Ukraine and advocate for a peaceful conflict solution.

The analysis reveals more of Russia‘s ruling mechanism and distinguishes the members of Putin‘s regime possessing the most of influence to affect the conflict in Ukraine. The major attention is given to the clan of former Russian Prime Minister Jevgenij Primakov and its influence to the Kremlin‘s foreign policy and to the “Putin‘s peace plan” for Ukraine.

The author unveils reasons for Russia’s duplex policies – expressing support for a peaceful and diplomatic solution of the conflict and shortly after that choosing to withdraw from its own words. The article provides many other past examples when Russia‘s actions contradict oneself.

The analysis “Primakov clan’s trap for the West or a little about Putin’s peace roadmap” is download free and can be accessed in LithuanianEnglish and Russian.

Previous analysis under the project “Putin‘s Russia” can be found here.

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