Latest Poll: Belarusians’ Awareness about Civil Society Increased

Nov 6, 2014 | 2014, News

The latest poll, conducted in Belarus by the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) and the results of which were released earlier this week show an increased citizen awareness about civil society. According to the poll data the level of citizens’ awareness of civil society has significantly increased for the last two years (27% increase between 2012 – 2014, from 25% to 52%).

According to researchers, the rise in awareness can be at least partly attributed to the growing importance of internet and social media platforms which increase the visibility of civil society activities. The results also give way to moderate optimism towards the civic trust, as it marks a 5% increase of the level of citizens’ trust in civil society. However, the research also concludes that CSOs room to improve in terms of mission and values communication, transparency and accountability.

More information about the overall polling results and findings can be found here.

The latest poll marks a continuation of research started in 2012, where IISEPS has been polling Belarusians attitude in four categories in trust to public institutions; citizens’ awareness of civil society organizations; the level of citizens’ involvement in civil society activity; and the level of citizens overall public/social activism.

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