Belarus Research Council is announcing a call for original research

Dec 23, 2014 | 2014, News

Belarus Research Council is announcing a call for concept papers for policy-oriented original research that focuses primarily on actionable policy recommendations. We understand under actionable policy recommendations the following:

Background: 1) a clear description of a current policy the applicants want to change, 2) identification of the shortfalls of the current policy (analysis); 3) specific recommendations designed to improve the shortfalls (status quo).


Solutions that are1) practical (policies, legislation, etc.); 2) cost-effective (including cost benefit calculations); 3) socially acceptable and executable (based on stakeholder-related research, engagement with and feedback from stakeholders and/or public opinion polling); 4) time bound (policy recommendations should explain how much time it may require to implement the recommendations, based on Belarusian legislative/decision-making system).

The call is open for Belarusian think tanks and NGOs which intend to conduct their policy-oriented original research in Belarus focusing on solutions – policy, legislative or other related.

The prime ambition behind this call is to map ideas, look for fresh concepts and faces as well as inputs (in form of research concept papers) from established groups as well as from individuals or ad hoc research groups and support only those that fall into the criteria above. BRC will help serious candidates with mentoring.

How to apply

To apply please send us your concept paper (up to 3 pages) with an estimated cost of the research. The application can be written in Russian or Belarusian. Please, enclose CVs of the researchers involved in the project. The deadline for submission of applications is 1st of February 2015. Please, note that evaluation of the concept papers will be implemented on the rolling basis. The applications should be submitted via e-mail

The concept paper should include:

  • General information about the applicant (1 paragraph)

Organization’s name and legal status, contact person and contact details (webpage, email, phone number).


  • Description of the research idea (1-2 pages)

Name research sector and topic;

Present relevance of research idea for Belarus’ development needs;

Shortly review the current policy (status quo) you aim to change and explain why.


  • Description of the research methodology

Shortly describe research methodology (data collection and analysis tools).


  • Research budget and duration

Indicate total research project cost (sum breaking down to human resources, overhead/institutional costs (if any) and external or technical assistance (if any) (in USD));

Indicate estimated duration (in months).

Selected applicants will be asked to prepare a full proposal and budget.


More information about the call is available both in English and Russian by clicking the respective links.

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