Lukashenka‘s Friends and Foes in Russia

Dec 30, 2014 | 2014, News

There are many debates about the channels of Russia’s influence in Belarus, most of all – who of the political elite stand behind them. A deeper look is needed to better understand the relations between Lukashenka’s regime and Russia’s political elite. Therefore, the newest issue of the Bell is dedicated to discussing these issues.

In the first article titled “The Framework of Russian Influence in Belarus” Yury Chavusau, Belarusian lawyer of the Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus and a member of the editorial board of the magazine “Political Sphere”, analyzes the changing framework of pro-Russian influences in Belarus. The author starts by providing a historical report of the evolution of political and ideological relations between Russia and Belarus, since Lukashenka’s settlement in power, in 1994, up to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Indeed, as Chavusau points out, the new political circumstances highlighted that, despite Lukashenka has always shown himself as a supporter of Russian policies, today their paths do not run in parallel anymore.

The second article “Lukashenka’s Friends and Foes in Russia: Who Can Back the Belarusian Regime?” by journalist Alena Daneika, currently associated with Germany’s international broadcaster “Deutsche Welle”, offers a thorough analysis of the existing relationship between Lukashenka and the political-economic elite in Russia. The author comes to an observation that, nowadays, Lukashenka’s “friendships” among the Russian political world are based on arrangements, pragmatic calculations and circumstances. She concludes by referring to Lukashenka’s friendship with Russian governors, “history has repeatedly shown that this lasts as long as the Kremlin tolerates it”.

Please see the Bell No. 7 (49) here.

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