May 15, 2015 | 2015, Publications, Readings

Planning Ahead: The Strategy of the Russian Government going into the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. Nathan Jackson. Readings No. 2  EN
Georgia’s Path towards NATO Membership: Expectations for the Warsaw Summit. Mariam Apriashvili. Readings No. 1   EN
Georgian Foreign Policy after the Ukrainian Crisis. Lika Merebashvili. Readings No 4  EN
The Dilemma of the EU Neighbourhood Policy: Mediterranean vs. Eastern Partnership. Sofia Casablanca. Readings No. 3  EN
Collision of the Values of Hungary and the EU: From Antidemocratic Decisions to the Friendship with Russia. Vaida Morkūnaitė. Readings No. 3  EN
Italian Legacy to Latvian Presidency of the Council of European Union: Words or Facts?, Sofia Casablanca, Readings No. 2  EN

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