Meeting with the Levada Centre expert Natalia Zorkaya

May 17, 2016 | 2016, Events, News

On May 17, EESC hosted a meeting with Natalia Zorkaya, Director of the Socio-political Research Department at the Levada Center. During the meeting, Ms Zorkaya presented the latest findings of the public opinion polls in Russia, which reflected a dominant mood of Russian citizens regarding the quality of life and approval for President and the ruling system. International processes were also included and revealed that last year’s confrontation between Russia and the EU negatively affected Russian population’s perception of Russia as a European country.

Furthermore, one of the most famous results of Levada pooling – the list of friends and enemies – has showed that due to ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine is seen as the enemy No2 for Russia. In a meantime, the U.S. and Lithuania are ranked as the enemies No1 and No3 respectively.

Please see presentation by Natalia Zorkaya in Russian here.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, The project Tomorrow Russia and the International Election Study Centre.

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