Vilnius Russia Forum 2017

May 28, 2017 | 2017, Events, News

Traditionally, the Vilnius Russia Forum brings together a close group of participants from Russia and the West, including representatives of think tanks, academia, writers, politicians, civil society activists, philosophers and artists, for thoughts-provoking and off-the-record discussions on Russia. Being organised since 2014, the Vilnius Russia Forum had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from its participants. In the current uneasy context in the relations between the West and Russia, such meetings provide an extraordinary opportunity to share views and to discuss various issues of common interest and concern.

The meeting will take place in an IDW Esperanza Resort hotel in a stunning countryside location near Trakai, historical town in South Western neighbourhood of Vilnius. On the first day of event, May 18, participants will gather for a welcoming dinner focused on the relations between Russia and the West. The dinner will be followed by the Night Talks on the future course of Russia. Conversations will resume on the following day, May 19, with three sessions on following topics: state and society in Russia; the struggle of Russia’s civil society for democracy and ways to assist it; and information warfare with focus on Western response. Each session will include discussants from both Russia and the West, trying to bridge their perceptions in search for a common understanding.

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