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May 15, 2019 | Belarus Research Council, Publications

Belarus Research Council (BRC) is a loose network of Belarusian polling agencies, think tanks and donors supporting social science research in Belarus. In early 2012, BRC was initiated by Pact as social science research is one of the sectors Pact supports in its work, aiming to increase the use of evidence-based research in civil society work. In 2013, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre joined in developing the initiative further particularly providing learning opportunities for Belarusians researchers within BRC. Currently lead by Pact and EESC in the framework of ongoing consultations with stakeholders. BRC stakeholders network significantly expanded by the 2015 and currently contains 243 contacts (Belarusian research institutions; international donors, other interested parties, such as diplomats, independent experts, journalists, NGOs, etc.).

In the beginning of 2013, the BRC launched a program providing learning opportunities for Belarusians researchers. EESC started with a customer survey on thematic preferences of Belarusian researchers; 138 respondents participated in the survey. The research revealed a high demand for trainings on policy paper writing (21%), fundraising (17%), research design and methodology (13%), research presentations tools (11%), and evidence-based research (9%). To meet this demand EESC and BRC, initiated a series of trainings held by leading foreign and Belarusians experts. BRC also put together the most comprehensive social research database in Belarus up to date while it member institutions were provided with trainings, internships and other EESC signature products such as the newsletter Bell. It has also kicked off a series of quarterly public policy debates titled “What Do Belarusians Think?” which is now happening in Minsk.

In 2014, BRC conducted a pilot version of the first-ever Belarusian think tank rating, ranking 18 Belarusian research centres. In the end of 2014, BRC also launched a call for original policy-oriented research, focusing primarily on actionable policy recommendations.

You can find more details on the BRC activities and achievement in the 6th BRC Business review (presented on 1 October 2015).

Main BRC products and activities include:
–    BRC Coordination Meetings
–    BRC Research Database
–    Learning opportunities
–    “What Do Belarusians Think?”
–    Belarus Info Letter “BELL”
–    Think Tanks Rating
–    BRC Support for Research Activities

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