Project “East or West, Home is Best”

May 15, 2020 | Project "East or West, Home is Best", Publications

Eastern European Studies Centre (EESC) together with Russian and Polish Lithuanian media outlets –, DELFI.RU and Znad Wilii – are implementing a project “East or West, Home is Best“. The goal of the project is to create high-quality and freely accessible media content for Lithuanian national minorities, to promote cooperation and involvement of citizens. In an attempt to achieve this goal, Lithuanian media outlets in Polish and Russian languages ​​-, DELFI.RU and Znad Wilii – held various discussions with well-known public figures, including actors, musicians, scientists and athletes. In addition, various articles were prepared based on discussions. In addition, a series of articles and videos were organized, aimed at highlighting the links between people of different nationalities with Lithuanian history and statehood.

An important part of the project – visits to Polish-speaking and Russian-speaking schools in Lithuania, and discussions with representatives of senior classes about fulfilling your dreams, choosing a profession, civic activism and an Idea for Lithuania. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage young Lithuanian people, representatives of ethnic minorities, to realize their dreams and to contribute to breaking stereotypes in Lithuania related to the fact that representatives of minority representatives have fewer rights and opportunities to fulfill their dream and to become successful in the future. This project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.

All created content by the project can be found here:



































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