Visions of Polish-Lithuanian regional cooperation – are they (in)compatible?

Oct 28, 2021 | News, Publications

The EESC presents the latest policy paper – Visions of Polish-Lithuanian regional cooperation – are they (in)compatible?


Lithuania and Poland have deep and intensive bilateral relations. It can be said that the strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland is no longer a matter that exists only in the rhetoric and documents of politicians. However, changes in the international environment and in Poland’s domestic politics lead to concerns about the sustainability of the state of these relations and raise the question how further they can be strengthened. Lithuania and Poland work closely in bilateral and multilateral formats in the European Union and NATO. However, opportunities to strengthen Lithuania’s and Poland’s relations through regional cooperation still remain untapped: except for the Eastern Partnership, Lithuania and Poland do not work closely in any regional cooperation format.


Dr Marijuš Antonovič is a lecturer at Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science (VU TSPMI). His interests include Polish foreign policy, middle powers, international relations theories, and foreign policy analysis. At VU TSPMI, he defended a doctoral dissertation on Poland’s foreign policy towards Russia in the 21st century. Antonovič teaches theories of international relations, diplomacy studies and security studies. He had research stays at the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

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