Henan protests: the “Chinese dream” in tatters? China Review 04/2022

Aug 24, 2022 | News, Publications

The latest analytical publication of the EESC – Henan protests: the “Chinese dream”in tatters? China Review 04/2022.

Key highlights:

  • The Code Red scandal, which has sent shockwaves through Chinese society, has shown that rapid digitalisation and the government’s overwhelming influence in the technology sector can be used against people.
  • The hunt for the guilty is ongoing, but some of the key figures in the scandal, who are linked to criminal groups, have suddenly disappeared and reportedly fled the country.
  • Severe penalties for local high-ranking politicians play a more symbolic role in reassuring the public. The decision not to expel from the party means that corrupt politicians will be able to continue to hold political office in the future.


Raigirdas Boruta is an associate expert in the EESC China Research Program, a doctoral student at the VU Institute of International Relations and Political Science. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asia-Pacific Studies (Chinese) from the University of Central Lancashire (UK). In 2020 he completed a Master’s degree in international relations at SiChuan University (China).

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