Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them

Gražvydas Jasutis

Associate Expert

Researcher and conflict management specialist. Teaches courses on post-Soviet security in Switzerland, France and Spain. Previously, he worked as EU and OSCE Representative in Georgia, Indonesia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kosovo and North Macedonia, as well as in the Lithuanian Delegation to NATO and the Ministry of Defence. His research interests include human rights, security sector reform, conflict management, political transition processes and terrorism in the post-Soviet space.


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Other analysts and experts

Fiodoras Krašeninikovas Associate Expert

Fyodor Krasheninnikov is a Russian political scientist and journalist, author of After Russia and Cloud Democracy, co-authored with Leonid Volkov.

Andrius Prochorenko Senior Operations Manager (COO)

Andrius Prokhorenko is responsible for international projects on hybrid threats, information warfare and developments in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Dorota Sokolovska

Responsible for EESC's project activities, especially those related to civil society in Belarus. Contributes to the development of analytical content on security and international relations.

Anton Achremov Associated Expert

Anton Achremov focuses on Russia, Belarus and Eastern Partnership countries.