Project “East or West, Home is Best”

Belarus Research Council

Belarus Research Council (BRC) is a loose network of Belarusian polling agencies, think tanks and donors supporting social science research in Belarus. In early 2012, BRC was initiated by Pact as social science research is one of the sectors Pact supports in its work,...

Project “East or West, Home is Best”

2019 m.

Increased civil society capabilities and challenges for Georgia’s small and medium business to reach the EU single market. 2019. Final study of the project “Georgia on European Way". ENG Georgian

Project “East or West, Home is Best”


For the last two years, European Union has been facing various crises. In 2015 Europe witnessed unprecedented Middle East refugee crisis. In 2016 Great Britain has made a historic decision to withdraw from the EU. Taking into account the growing Euro-skepticism and...


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