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Events Jun 03, 2024

“Coffee and International Politics” discussion on Ukraine’s energy sector

On May 31st, we continued the roundtable discussion format “Coffee and International Politics” at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre. This time, the conversation was devoted to the energy sector of Ukraine. Saulius Rimutis, EESC Associate Expert, shared his insights on this topic, including the damage Ukraine has suffered in this sector during the war and the country’s future energy potential.

Regarding more long-term positive reforms in the energy sector, it was emphasized that with the EU paying great attention to the green agenda, aid provided to Ukraine should consider Ukraine’s potential to develop renewable energy in the future. The southeastern part of Ukraine, particularly Crimea and the Sea of Azov, has been identified as a particularly favorable region for this. After assessing the most promising areas for long-term positive transformation in energy, the nuclear energy sector was highlighted, along with the reforms planned for its development.

In the context of damage to the energy infrastructure, it was noted that, in addition to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, a particularly sensitive point in the energy infrastructure would be the targeting of Ukraine’s electricity connections with the EU. It is also important to consider the constant changes in Russia’s strategy regarding attacks on sensitive infrastructure, as it pursues different goals in different periods. Currently, it is targeting specific direct energy supply objects.