Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events May 30, 2024

Delegation from the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada visits the EESC

On May 30th, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre organized a discussion dedicated to the European integration of Ukraine and other related topics. Among the participants were a delegation of decision-makers from the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada and Jonas Ohmanas, the founder of the non-governmental organization “Blue/Yellow.”

One of the most important topics discussed was Ukraine’s accession to the EU. This included challenges arising from the integration of Ukrainian agriculture into the common EU agricultural mechanism, the emerging competitive aspect in this area with countries such as Poland, and Ukraine’s aspiration to integrate EU law into its own legal system. In terms of reforms, it was emphasized that although intensive work is underway in a wide range of areas to implement the so-called Copenhagen criteria, there are still a number of obstacles in Ukraine’s internal politics that may hinder faster integration into the European architecture.

Additionally, when discussing the dynamics of the war, the significant contribution of Lithuania in providing aid to Ukraine was emphasized. However, it was stated that in order to achieve victory, as well as to join the EU and NATO, apart from external factors, domestic policy reforms and more efficient management at home will be even more important for Ukraine.