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The Eastern Europe Studies Centre hosts regular events, meetings, conferences and discussions. It brings together experts from different professional and academic backgrounds, representing and working in the disciplines of international relations and political science.

Events May 20, 2024
Discussion “Lithuania’s Interests in Shaping the EU Development Strategy”

On May 20th, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre organized a discussion in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania under the title "Lithuania's Interests in Shaping the EU Development Strategy." During the conversation with the Center's Associate Expert, Justinas Mickus, who presented his study "EU Reforms in View of Enlargement and Economic Security: Towards an Integrated Approach to European Self-Transformation," we discussed the most important issues related to this topic.

Events Mar 29, 2024
Discussion “Chinese and Taiwanese policy trends after Taiwan’s presidential election”

Continuing the format of roundtable discussions, "Coffee and International Politics," on March 29th we discussed the political trends in Taiwan and China with the EESC Associate Expert, Raigirdas Boruta. During the conversation, we explored topics such as the Taiwanese presidential election and its influence on the processes of adopting laws within the country, as well as Beijing's cautious reaction and China's foreign policy and technological ambitions.

Events Mar 26, 2024
Discussion “How is US policy changing? NATO, Ukraine, China”

After a visit to Washington and meetings with experts and decision-makers, the Centre’s Director, Linas Kojala, and Senior Project Manager Simona Merkinaitė shared their insights from the trip. The discussion mostly focused on the issues regarding the US presidential election, the future of NATO, and support for Ukraine.

Events Mar 14, 2024
Discussion “Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland’s Policy towards Belarus and what we can do about the independence of Belarus”

Today, the discussion on "Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland's Policy towards Belarus and what we can do about the independence of Belarus" took place at the EESC, where political scientist and VU TSPMI lecturer, Dr. Mariusz Antonowicz, shared his insights on the topic. Adam Roževič, Policy Analyst at the EESC, moderated the event. During the conversation, we discussed the development of the policies of these three states in relation to Belarus and efforts to strengthen Belarus' sovereignty.

Events Feb 29, 2024
Discussion “How will the upcoming changes in Russian-language schools in Lithuania affect national minorities?”

As debates on the fate of schools in Lithuania, where teaching takes place in Russian, intensify, the Eastern Europe Studies Center, in cooperation with Delfi RU, organized a discussion which focused on the impact of educational reforms on national minorities, their perspectives on the proposed integration and education models, and the teaching of the Lithuanian language in these schools.

Events Feb 22, 2024
Discussion “China-friendly narratives in the Baltics: how are they received by our societies?”

Today, during the discussion "China-friendly narratives in the Baltics: how are they received by our societies?", the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) presented the study "Classic Cleavages in a New Light: Chinese Informational Influence in the Baltics", prepared in cooperation with the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) and the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS). The study measured the Baltic countries' susceptibility/resilience against Chinese narratives from three different perspectives: socio-economic, international politics, and values.

Events Feb 20, 2024
Dainius Žalimas visited the EESC

Today, in the third round of discussions with candidates for the post of President of the Republic of Lithuania, Dainius Žalimas visited the center. The candidate shared his main theses on defence and foreign policy.

Events Feb 19, 2024
Briefing about the Munich Security Conference

Today, the Centre's Director, Linas Kojala, and Member of the Seimas, Dovilė Šakalienė, discussed key insights from the Munich Security Conference, which took place on 16-18 February, and its side-event organized by EESC for the second year in a row.

Events Feb 15, 2024
EESC meeting with German army officers

On February 15, a delegation of German officers visited Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) and together with VU TSPMI lecturer, political scientist dr. Mariusz Antonowicz discussed the most important regional security issues.

Events Dec 12, 2023
The 9th Annual EESC Conference on Lithuanian Foreign Policy, Commemorating Stasys Lozoraitis

On 12 December, the EESC, together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, organised the 9th Annual EESC Conference on Lithuanian Foreign Policy, Commemorating Stasys Lozoraitis. The conference took place at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius and covered Ukraine's struggle for its freedom, the role of artificial intelligence in international relations, Germany's role in Lithuania and Europe's security infrastructure, and the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington DC.

Events Dec 01, 2023
Discussion “Empowering Europe: Insights into Strengthening Strategic Autonomy”

On December 1st, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) held a discussion featuring Thomas Gomart, the director of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), moderated by Justinas Mickus, an associated expert at the EESC. The event centred on key topics such as European strategic autonomy, the future of European security and defence, and the implications of an unstable global environment.

Events Nov 24, 2023
Coffee and International Politics – introducing the study “Adaptation and Integration of Ukrainian migrants in Lithuania”

Today, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre presented one of its major publications of the year - the study "Adaptation and Integration of Migrants from Ukraine in Lithuania". Together with co-author Svitlana Kostrykina, the EESC’s Chief Research Officer Tomas Janeliūnas presented the results of the study and discussed the main issues faced by migrants from Ukraine, ranging from employment and health care to education, to social adaptation and integration.

Events Nov 10, 2023
Visit by Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský

Our guest today was Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský. We discussed the implications of Russia's aggression against Ukraine for European security, other geopolitical challenges, and the importance of Western unity.

Events Oct 26, 2023
Call for Anti-Disinformation Journalism for small research grants and online trainings

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre, in collaboration with the Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup,” is pleased to announce the selection of journalists for a specialized program supporting quality journalism in Moldova. The activities are part of the project titled “Building Strategic Communication to Counter Russian Disinformation in Moldova.”

Events Sep 14, 2023
Discussion “Challenges, Trends, and Responses in the International Transport Domain”

On 14 September, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre hosted the discussion "Challenges, Trends, and Responses in the International Transport Domain" to examine key challenges and potential solutions for today's transport and logistics sector. We were joined by Young Tae Kim, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum, and Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania.

Events Jul 11, 2023
NATO Public Forum

The NATO Public Forum was co-organised by NATO, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre, the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Munich Security Conference, kicked off today.

Events Apr 28, 2023
Discussion “Energy security in Europe in a time of transformation”

Today, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania hosted the discussion “Energy security in Europe in a time of transformation”, which examined the shifts in the energy sector in the EU after the start of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Events Mar 13, 2023
EESC meeting with President Valdas Adamkus

During our informal meeting we discussed international affairs and were delighted that the President was once again visiting the EESC conference hall named after him.

Events Feb 22, 2023
Discussion “What does Zeitenwende mean for NATO’s Eastern Flank?”

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre, in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, hosted the discussion “What does Zeitenwende mean for NATO's Eastern Flank?”, which mainly focused on the changes in Germany's foreign and security policy since 24 February 2022.

Events Feb 20, 2023
Munich Security Conference Debrief

Our Centre’s Director, “Munich Young Leaders 2023” member Linas Kojala today shared his insights on the main topics of the Munich Security Conference, which took place on 17-19 February, as well as on global security trends.  

Events Feb 09, 2023
Call for applications for the 4th Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC), in cooperation with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is bringing back the Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting (VYLM) format and invites to apply for its 4th instalment, which is to be held on April 17–18 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Events Dec 15, 2022
The 8th Annual Eastern Europe Studies Centre Conference on Lithuanian Foreign Policy

On 13 December, the Eastern Europe Studies Centre, in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Baltic States, organised the 8th Annual Conference on Lithuanian Foreign Policy. The conference introduced with a presentation of the latest EESC study "Barometer of Sustainability of Democracy”, based on a sociological survey of the Lithuanian population, as well as the annual publication "Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review”.

Events Nov 23, 2021
Discussion “National security challenges in managing the migration crisis”

The discussion was attended by Laurynas Kasčiūnas, Chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Republic of Lithuania (NSDC), Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis, and other guests took part in the discussion. The event was hosted by EESC Senior Policy Analyst Vladimir Laučius.

Events Jul 08, 2021
A meeting with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba

During a discussion, which was moderated by the EESC’s director Linas Kojala, he discussed ongoing reforms in Ukraine, the importance of the Eastern Partnership format, security dilemma and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the country’s integration with transatlantic structures and matters of bilateral relations between Lithuania and Ukraine.