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Review Dec 01, 2022

China Review. 20th National Congress of the CPC

Photo source: Chine nouvelle/ SIPA/ Scanpix
  • The overall leadership structure of the Communist Par- ty of China (CPC) remains unchanged, but the existing informal rules regarding the terms and the age limits were applied selectively.
  • Xi Jinping was re-elected as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee (CC). This is already his third five-year term in office.
  • China’s most powerful institution, the 7-member CPC Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) is now stacked with Xi’s loyalists.

Associate Expert of RESC China Research Program, PhD student at VU Institute of International Relations and Political Science. Raigirdas holds a bachelor’s degree in Asian and Pacific Studies (Chinese Studies) from Lancashire Central University (UK). After studying, he went to China, where he spent five years studying and working. Raigirdas completed a year-long intensive Chinese language and culture course at the Sichuan University (Confucius Institute Scholarship). In 2020, he graduated from Sichuan University (China) with a Master’s degree in International Relations in Chinese. Raigirdas interests: sinology, Chinese foreign and domestic policy, history of the PRC, relations and conflicts between East Asian countries.