Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events Feb 29, 2024

Discussion “How will the upcoming changes in Russian-language schools in Lithuania affect national minorities?”

As debates on the fate of schools in Lithuania, where teaching takes place in Russian, intensify, the Eastern Europe Studies Center, in cooperation with Delfi RU, organized a discussion which focused on the impact of educational reforms on national minorities, their perspectives on the proposed integration and education models, and the teaching of the Lithuanian language in these schools.

Participants in the discussion included Grigorijus Potashenko, Docent of the Faculty of History at Vilnius University; Aleksandr Radčenko, adviser to the Chairman of Seimas; and Arūnas Šileris, Vice-Mayor of Vilnius. The event was moderated by Dmitriy Semenov.

You can find the recording of the discussion (in Russian) here.