Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events Apr 11, 2023

Interview by Chief Research Programme Officer Tomas Janeliūnas with

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“Supporting the democratic forces of Belarus, providing all necessary assistance – from physical security to political support – remains one of Lithuania‘s foreign policy tasks. Democratic Belarus is the main long-term task of Lithuania’s foreign policy. Yes, we understand that it is difficult to expect this shortly, but it is necessary to support the idea of a democratic Belarus. The bearers of the idea that Belarus can become democratic are specific people who can potentially create democracy in Belarus,” said Tomas Janeliūnas, head of research programs at the Eastern European Studies Centre, in an interview with Aliaksandr Atroshchankaus, about the meaning of Lithuania’s support for representatives of democratic forces in Belarus.

The full interview (in Russian), which discusses not only Lithuania’s support for the Belarusian democratic forces but also the possible deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Russia’s political and social changes, solidarity with Ukraine and other topics, is published on the independent Belarusian media portal