Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events Apr 26, 2024

Presidential Candidate E. Vaitkus shared his perspectives on security and foreign policy at the EESC

Photo source: Tas Kudriavcev

We continue our format of discussions with the candidates for the President of the Republic of Lithuania, during which the candidates share their most important theses on foreign policy and national security. On April 26th, candidate Eduardas Vaitkus shared his insights on these topics.

The candidate emphasized that non-compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania reflects the illegality and illegitimacy of the authorities. The candidate also discussed his attitude towards NATO and the European Union and the changes he would like to see within their frameworks. Speaking about Russia’s war in Ukraine, E. Vaitkus emphasized that the process can look different from different points of view.

According to E. Vaitkus, Lithuania should seek neutral status in order to ensure the security of the state, as well as suggesting the need to initiate public discussions on NATO membership and developing dialogue with Russia and Hungary.



Photos by Tas Kudriavcev