Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events Mar 13, 2024

Presidential candidate A. Mazuronis shared his insights on foreign and security policy at the EESC

Photo source: Elvis Žaldaris

With only two months remaining before the presidential elections in Lithuania, Andrius Mazuronis, who is seeking the post of candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania, visited the EESC today and shared his main insights on security and foreign policy with experts and media representatives.

During the discussion, the upcoming US elections and their possible consequences for Lithuania, the dynamics of Lithuanian relations with Belarus, as well as the integration of Belarusians in Lithuania, were discussed. The candidate also emphasized the need to increase cooperation between the Baltic countries and the Nordic region, and discussed potential regions to which Lithuania could also pay greater political and diplomatic attention.

The discussion also addressed questions regarding the financing of the defense sector and Taiwan’s representation.