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Research Nov 24, 2023

Adaptation and Integration of Ukrainian migrants in Lithuania

Photo source: Yehor Milohrodskyi / Unsplash

This study is dedicated to analysing the adaptation of Ukrainians who came to Lithuania after February 24, 2022. It is meant to highlight the main issues and challenges that Ukrainian refugees face in Lithuania.

According to the new data gathered from this research, Ukrainians are a motivated and law-abiding community that holds gratitude and respect towards Lithuania. Most of them are women over 30 with children who are leaning towards staying in Lithuania in the long term and are even considering applying for citizenship.


The research showed that:

  • Although men between 20 and 60 account for almost 30 percent of all arrivals after February 24, 2022, only 10% of the respondents were male and only one man over 60 agreed to be interviewed. This proportion reflects the “grey zone” in which many men who left Ukraine semi-legally ended up;
  • Almost 90% of Ukrainians that stay in Lithuania are planning to learn the state language, more than half of them are motivated by gratitude to the country they reside in;
  • 65% of respondents have a stable income in Lithuania, yet still many of them are facing se­vere financial anxiety;
  • The main struggles for Ukrainians in Lithuania are the accessibility of language courses, long queues for medical care and the feeling of alien­ation and social isolation;
  • Psychological trauma and mental health issues can hinder or slow down the integration process;
  • Although many Ukrainians do not have a clear future plan at the moment because of the on­going war, 64% of respondents would consider applying for Lithuanian citizenship in the future.

The publication can be found in Ukrainian HERE.

The publication can be found in English HERE.