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Review Dec 07, 2023

Minsk Express. Theory and practice of cultural heritage in Belarus

In the first Russian-speaking episode of this season’s Minsk Express podcast Dr. Stsiapan Stureika, Associate Professor at the European Humanities University’s Department of Humanities and Arts and the leader of the internationally recognized ICOMOS-Belarus initiative shares insight on the theory and practice of the cultural heritage in Belarus.

What is the relationship between the practices of cultural heritage interpretation and the European identity and political perspective of Belarusians? What is the basis of heritage policy in Belarus and what seems possible in the conditions of the forced exile of tens of thousands of Belarusians? What are the main research trends in the field of cultural heritage in Belarus? And finally, how does the Belarusian-Lithuanian dialogue on heritage issues look like?

Minsk Express podcast is produced by the Eastern Europe Studies Center in cooperation with the LRT Radio

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