COVID-19 Social Media Narratives in Lithuania

Jan 13, 2022 | News, Publications

The EESC presents the latest analytical publication – “COVID-19 Social Media Narratives in Lithuania

This paper introduces the available Facebook data to about the presence and prominence of hostile narratives that may have impacted Lithuania’s vaccination efforts. To do this a sample of significant public Facebook pages relevant to Lithuania were analysed to identify potential disinformation narratives that are more likely to be relevant to the Polish ethnic minority in Lithuania. Research done by EESC in 2020 shows that the Lithuanian public’s trust in state institutions and the government is low with only 43% trusting their government while event less (24%) trust the parliament or the political parties (8%). This paper is based on reports that were compiled with support from the International Republican Institute’s Beacon Project.


Adam Roževič, Eastern Europe Studies Centre, Policy Analyst

Dorota Sokolovska, Eastern Europe Studies Centre, Project Assistant

Andrius Prochorenko, Eastern Europe Studies Centre, Senior Operations Manager

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