Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Events Feb 15, 2024

EESC meeting with German army officers

On February 15, a delegation of German officers visited the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) and together with VU TSPMI lecturer, political scientist Dr. Mariusz Antonowicz discussed the most important regional security issues. The event was moderated by EESC project manager Justinas Kulys. The discussion mainly focused on the topics of regional and European security, cooperation between Lithuania and Germany in the field of security.

During the conversation, they delved into how Poland, Germany, and Lithuania deal with security challenges in the region. The importance of bilateral and Baltic Sea region cooperation in the context of NATO, the issue of the Suwalki corridor, and possible security changes in the future were also discussed. Increasing the cooperation of military industries between these countries and ensuring the resilience of critical infrastructure were emphasized as one of the possible ways to ensure regional security.

Regarding the threats posed by Russia and its war against Ukraine, the discussion covered such important topics as public resilience and the fight against disinformation, the importance of energy independence and nuclear weapons issues. It also examined potential scenarios for the war in Ukraine and regime change in Russia as well as their implications for European security.

When discussing security issues from the perspective of Lithuania, the conversation focused on the role of Belarus when it comes to its relationship with Russia and the role of Lithuania in supporting the forces opposing the Belarusian regime.