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Research Aug 17, 2023

EU Economic Assistance to Ukraine After Full-Scale Russian Invasion: Scope, Impact, and Ways for Improvement

Photo source: Bruno Neurath-Wilson/Unsplash

The Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, in cooperation with the EESC and the SCEEUS, has compiled a study on the EU’s economic support for Ukraine following the full scale Russian invasion launched in 2022. The paper is accompanied by commentaries from various European experts.

Since the beginning of Russian aggression, the EU significantly increased its support to Ukraine, having mobilized macro-financial assistance, grant budget support, urgent assistance, direct non-budget aid responding to crisis, and humanitarian aid for the promotion of general economic, social and financial stability of Ukraine. Given the adopted decision of Ukraine’s candidate to EU accession status, this assistance should be considered not only as the mean of operative support, but as an investment, pushing the structural changes.

Read more on EU economic support for Ukraine in the full publication.