Analysing international policy processes and Lithuania’s role in them
Review May 29, 2023

Indo-Pacific Cooperation with European NATO Countries: Security Partnership Initiatives and Perspectives

  • Security and defence partnerships in the region have developed most actively over the past decade under the Japan-led idea of “Free and Open Indo Pacific” (FOIP) among the “like-minded partners.”
  • Various initiatives mainly focus on maritime security, emerging domains such as cyber and space, and defence industry cooperation.
  • Other partnerships outside of FOIP are mainly bilateral agreements on defence equipment procurement or modernization of defence sector, like in the case of the Philippines or Vietnam.
  • There is a significant potential for Lithuania to establish partnerships in the cyber security domain and fight with disinformation.
  • Bilateral cooperation channels with Japan or through NATO with Japan may be the most direct way to the region.

Vida Mačikėnaitė-Ambutavičienė is a political scientist researching Chinese foreign policy and Chinese politics and also teaching at the Graduate School of International Relations at the International University of Japan. As a visiting associate professor, she also teaches at Kaunas University of Technology.