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Transatlantic Relations Programme

The Transatlantic Relations and Security Programme analyses and explores the specificities, challenges and security needs of transatlantic relations. It also seeks to provide proposals and ideas that would contribute to the deepening of transatlantic relations and NATO’s presence in Lithuania.

Bulletin Feb 01, 2024
Ukraine’s NATO Membership Quest: a Closing Window of Opportunity?

The NATO summit undeniably constituted the focal point of Lithuania's political agenda in 2023. It can be argued that the big part of the nation became actively engaged in fervent deliberations, which revolved around inquiries into the Alliance's role within the framework of regional security, strategies for fortifying NATO's Eastern flank, and above all, the prospect of extending a promise of NATO membership to Ukraine in Vilnius.

Margarita Šešelgytė
Bulletin Jan 25, 2024
Assessing the Vilnius Summit’s Decisions: An American Perspective

This summer’s Vilnius Summit took place during an interesting time for NATO as an organization and the transatlantic community writ large. The Summit was full of anticipation, hope, concern, and determination in the months and weeks leading up to its commencing.

Daniel P. Fata
Review Dec 06, 2023
Poland as the new European military heavyweight

As NATO returns to its roots, founded on the unshaken principle of collective defense, allies situated on the eastern flank face both opportunity and an existential challenge stemming from the resurgence of Russian revanchism.

Jakub Knopp
Bulletin Apr 01, 2022
NATO Madrid Summit 2022: A Spanish Overview

In the preceding NATO Summit held in Brussels, on June 2021, the allied countries endorsed the document “NATO 2030”, a programme designed to develop more political and military strength, as well as a more global organisation in order to face the multiple threats and challenges of the new strategic context.

Rafael José De Espona

Transatlantic Relations Programme